So… Ants

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I have an ant problem. Not in my house, but in my grass.

Some of you may be wondering why that is a problem: after all there are ants in grassy areas, so what?  Don’t be selfish with your yard.

The problem is that this is Texas, and these are fire ants. The kind that stings you and gives you boils.  Ouch.

Again, they have treatments for that, some fire ant killer fertilizer. Don’t even have to feel bad about doing it either, since they’re an invasive species and can be killed without ecological remorse. Spread it all over your lawn!

There’s the other problem:  I don’t have a lawn.

These ants have burrowed into my grass. My cat grass, that I keep in a potted plant.





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By the makers of Bastion, (SuperGiant games. Transistor is beautiful and amazing.

It took me a while, due to moving and stuff, but I just beat it.

I would suggest you pick it up.

I’m doing well!

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You know, there’s not enough good news out there, and we have a tendency to not be as loud with it as we are with bad news.

I just wanted to tell you that I’m doing well. I’ve moved into my new place in Austin, Texas, my new job is treating me well, and my mood has improved a lot.  I’ve looking at my art skills and ability to make comics in timely fashion, and all I have to do is look at the cross-eyed first page and the chapter 2 end page …. my word is that a fantastic difference, and I did it in half the time too.  Still not quite where I want to be, those clouds look more like the Wyld than a sunset, but it’s still a fantastic change in just 12 pages!

Really, the only thing bringing me down in my life is the paranoid stress that everything is going so well, the universe is just setting me up for a big fall.  I’m being serious.


Anyway, on the comic news, I’ve decided to close down the Patreon account indefinitely (as soon as I figure out how.)  There’s nothing wrong, it’s just that now I don’t have to pay an artist, I would like to focus my attention on the artwork for a while and not have to have the nagging rewards sitting in the back of my mind.